Corporate Governance is one of the areas that requires the most attention in organisations and, therefore, the decision to bring in a new Director is extremely important. Our role is to identity Directors who are able to contribute effectively to the growth of the company and who have a diverse knowledge for adding value, in addition to a profile alignment with business strategies. The close relationship we have with leaders and our ability to identify and evaluate exceptional candidates help companies to achieve the aspired goals.

Board Directors

The search for Directors and Board members is directed and focused on the characteristics necessary for each case, including the experience, skills and leadership style that the Board needs to be effective within each organisational context. The right approach ensures that the composition of an ideal and complementary Board is achieved. For this, our senior consultants have knowledge of each segment and tools necessary to obtain the best results in each search assignment.

Non-Executive Chairpersons

Our long-standing client relationships is evidence for our effectiveness as an outside advisor as well as our commitment to understanding the multi-faceted strategy considerations and challenges that our clients face in the modern commercial world.

Board Chairs face pressure to instill a culture in the boardroom that is necessary for the board to be a true strategic asset for the CEO, management and shareholders. The Chair establishes expectations of the current CEO, plays an active role in succession planning, and serves as a critical mentor and advisor to the Senior Management.

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